Kerrigan & Michelle Wedding:
Kerrigan & Michelle Wedding:
Kerrigan & Michelle Wedding:

Baby Number Two:

"I'm only Young but Lord I'm Feisty...
...Hey where's that Midwife?"

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"Hawoh...(Hello)....Gurgle Gurgle.
My name is Kewwigan Jr.
I was named after my Hamson Dadda. My Mumma is very beuufuw too.

Appawantwy there are a wot more pics of me if you wook at the
fowwowing pages.
Make sure you check out ALL the pages....
Gurgle Gurgle."

....But wead bewow for my stowy and interwesting facts about me...."


....Now Don't Forget To Wead Bewow...."

MARCH 22ND 2009

Kerrigan Jr. received many gifts for his 1st birthday apart from his
Bible. Dad Kerrigan spent days on ebay bidding on items and sometimes
buying them outright, even surprising Michelle.

Their son received a remote controlled 'Red Wiggles Car' that he could ride
in while Dadda operated the remote. The child was also given a motorized
bike and something Kerrigan had been looking high and low for, a
Jumping Castle.

The child is thrilled with his gifts and deservingly so.

For the FIRST time EVER doting Dad Kerrigan had to be away from his son Kerrigan Jr.
when the couple went into the hospital on Friday the 13th (March) for Baby #2,
which turned out to be a false alarm. Kerrigan dreaded being away from his son and
it was clearly written all over his face but he realized his wife Michelle needed him even
more at a time like this.

Michelle remarked on how Kerrigan never stopped talking about their boy, even at the
hospital. Baby Kerrigan sensed something was going on and clung tightly to his dad's
neck before they left their home, not wanting to let go, and ended up vomiting
over both of them. Later Kerrigan jokingly advised baby #2 to be wary of the lengths
brother Kerrigan would go to in order to seek attention.

Michelle, contractions and all, cleaned up the mess with the tremendous help of
Aunty Aprille while Kerrigan quickly dashed up stairs and gave the child a bath
and a change and cleaned himself up as well. "Quickly" being the key-word
because it wasn't quick at all. Kerrigan was suffering excruciating pain from a
groin/upper thigh strain and was hobbling around in agony but nothing stopped him
from carrying on his duties.

Michelle was extremely concerned for her husband but he kept reminding her that
painful and 'annoying' as it was, his issue was NOTHING compared to her labour pains.
He admired his wife and her endurance. No sooner they got back from the hospital she
baked a cake and carried on her work as normal.

Grandma Jeune would be doing the honours of being with Kerrigan Jr. while the
couple were in hospital when baby #2 decided to show up. Dad Kerrigan of course would be
coming home to feed his son Kerrigan Jr. and put him to bed etc.

MARCH 7TH 2009


Kerrigan Jr. celebrated his first Birthday 3 days early,
on March 6th, just in case his younger sibling decided to make
an appearance in the next few days. Dadda Kerrigan sang his latest
song for the first time in public on the night, at Michelle's request;
a haunting lullaby titled "Rockabye" which he wrote late last year.
Those present were amazed how Kerrigan Jr. didn't take his eyes off his
dad throughout the song.

Dad Kerrigan and Mum Michelle were surrounded by Family on this
Happy occasion. Those present were Grandma Jeune, Brothers Leon
and Kevin with their families Sylvie, Tanya and Lance - and Margie,
Davina and Kylie. Sister Junette and family Hilary, Chantal, Katrina,
Kirsty and Brandon. And Aunty Aprille and partner Chris.

Kerrigan Jr. received gifts from all across Australia. His Dadda
had the entire lounge decorated with Balloons, hanging from the
ceiling and anywhere else possible, and his Mumma made a very
delicions Wiggles birthday cake. There's no end to her talents,
Hubby Kerrigan emphasizes.

Dadda Kerrigan was keen for his family to appear with him during his
latest Press Interview & Photo Shoot and just as he had hoped, Kerrigan Jr.
stole the show. The child's winning smile captured everyone's heart.

Meanwhile the child's been trying to talk for what seems like ages.
"It's an entirely new language," Kerrigan smiles. "When I try repeating
his words, he looks at me as though I've lost the plot."

Since finding his feet there's no stopping him. He takes off like a rocket,
and Dad Kerrigan has his exercise routine cut out for him. Mum Michelle
laughingly says, "Kerrigan's physique is perfect and he doesn't need to lose
any weight but he has."

Michelle meanwhile only seems to put on weight during pregnancy. Kerrigan says,
"It's ALL baby. No sooner she gives birth she's back to her glamorous figure; it's
truly a blessing and she's the envy of many women."



Kerrigan & Michelle celebrated their BEST Christmas to date
with their precious little son Kerrigan Jr. It was the childs
FIRST Christmas and also the first for them as Parents. He had
already taken his first steps unaided - see below (December 18th).

They spent Christmas Eve at home with Kerrigan Jr. safely tucked
in bed by 7pm by his excited Dadda. Then Kerrigan and Michelle
snuggled up in front of the fire and watched Christmas Carols
on the Telly, gifts under the tree, cards written and dinner completed.

Aunty Aprille and Chris had visited in the Evening to share gifts
and with a Christmas Breudher for Breakfast.

A couple of hours before Midnight Kerrigan picked up his Mum Jeune who
joined the couple on their First Christmas as Dad & Mum. By 11.30pm Kerrigan
woke up an excited Kerrigan Jr. whose excitement increased even further as
he joined his Dadda to light sparklers while his Mumma worked the camera.

At the strike of Midnight they wished each other and shared gifts and the
joy of watching 9 month old Kerrigan Jr. rip open his gifts was beyond
description, even though he seemed more interested in the wrapping paper
than what was inside.

Kerrigan had made the early decision that they would not go overboard
regarding gifts for the child, 'Difficult a decision as it was', and the
couple stuck to their plan, with Michelle totally supporting and agreeing
with her Husband's way of thinking.

Both Kerrigan and Michelle were raised in hard times and having endured
hardship has made them both stronger and better individuals.

While he has Vowed his children will 'never' be in 'want' Kerrigan is
determined not to bring them up 'spoiled'. The doting Dad has only their 'best'
interests at heart. He would give his life for his son and his family in a heartbeat
but is adamant that material things do not bring happiness and contentment.

While, by the same token, not intending them to endure 'struggles' in any shape
or form, he is convinced that the 'right balance' is important. Michelle shares
his sincerity and is thus, totally understanding.

He has observed many parents having gone through difficult times themselves as kids,
do just the opposite with kids of their own, and while agreeing to each his own,
Kerrigan has a different perspective and is concerned his precious children don't
turn out unappreciative of the finer things in life, starting from a young age,
and is careful not to substitute Love and Nurturing with material replacements.

Having said that Kerrigan and Michelle gave their son beautiful Christmas gifts,
including Building Blocks, a Walker that converts into a ride-on Bike, and a remote-
control Car, among other stuff.

Kerrigan tucked his son back in bed, dropped Mum Jeune at his Sister Junette's
around one in the morning and hurried back to his sweetheart wife Michelle.
On Christmas Morning the family went to Church, then picked up Mum Jeune and visited
brother Leon and his family before meeting up at brother Kevins for a Family Lunch
where they were joined by Junette and family.

Kerrigan, Michelle and Kerrigan Jr. returned home for Christmas dinner and
were joined later at night by Mum Jeune, and Kevin and Family, and everyone
relaxed and watched country music performances before going out to see the
Christmas Lights down the street.

The couple are looking forward to next Christmas where their joy will be 'doubled'
with the birth of Baby #2. They're both very much in love and those close to them
say their love and devotion to each other keeps increasing daily.


Little Kerrigan Jr. took his first steps without holding onto anything and fell
into his Dadda's open arms with complete trust. The moment was needless to
say, exuberant, for both 'Big' Kerrigan and Michelle.



Kerrigan and Michelle are eagerly awaiting Christmas 2008.
Their First as Dad and Mum.
This will also be Kerrigan Jr's First Christmas and it's hard
to tell who's more excited - Baby or his Parents.

Kerrigan has decided to let his son do the decorating of the
Tree this year, with plans to let him strew tinsel where ever
he chooses and Dad will leave it just like that!!

In previous years Kerrigan has been a dedicated tree decorator,
taking keen interest in making it look perfect, mainly for his
nieces and nephews and other people's children.
This year the ecstatic Dad will take even more interest in
making it look just right for his own precious son.

Meanwhile Michelle is showing visible signs of Baby #2 and all
is Healthy and well. Kerrigan calls her an amazing woman as she
soldiers on.

Kerrigan Jr. also experienced his first introduction to Santa Claus
when the family attended the Burgher Association Christmas Party
on November 30th 2008. He wasn't overly fussed and seemed to have the
attitude, "Ah, just a silly old man in red, riding in a fire truck with
a long white beard. Why is DADDA so excited!"

The child is well-behaved and extremely well brought up - a real
social butterfly.
He's "Dadda's Boy" as Mum is thrilled to admit and utterly
adores his Dad - the feeling is unquestionably Mutual!

Kerrigan Jr. is present at Weddings, Social Gatherings, Mayoral
Dinners, Public Engagements and even Funerals and the comments
from everyone are truly inspiring. Some say they're totally
distracted by the child purely because they can't take their eyes
off him and go as far as saying they're 'mesmerized' by him.



Kerrigan La-brooy Jr. is growing in leaps and bounds.
The child was started on solids at 3 months and is well above
average for his age.

He turns 5 months on August 9th.
As everyone says the child seems to only have eyes for his Dad
and Michelle is so thrileld at the fact. She says her happiest
moments are seeing father and son together. Kerrigan Jr. looks
more and more like his Dadda each day.

Kerrigan Jr. witnessed his Dad's 1st performance right at the
front of the stage. His doting Dad timed his musical break so he
could feed his son by 9 o'clock.
"Nothing and No one will stand in the way of my childs best
interests," Kerrigan emphatically states, enjoying every moment
of it.

During a rendition of "Achy Breaky Heart" Kerrigan held the microphone
to his sons mouth during audience participation and the child
did NOT disappoint, to the amusement of everyone present.

Meanwhile Michelle is a real trouper and is enjoying every moment
of motherhood.

Kerrigan Jr. loves travelling and is the centre of attention
where ever he goes. He was announced as a special guest at the local
Mayoral Ball and when jestfully interviewed, he gurgled into the
microphone at precisely the right moments. He loves the stage and
music and dancing - no medals for guessing where he gets that from!

The child travelled to New South Wales with his parents on August
2nd. They were met by lots of Kerrigan's friends and fans who were
eagerly anticipating his next performance interstate next year.

APRIL 6TH 2008

Kerrigan La-Brooy Jr. was Dedicated at the local Assembly of God
church where the child and his ecstatic parents Kerrigan & Michelle,
were surrounded by close Friends, Grandma Jeune, Cousins and
Uncles Leon, Kevin, Aunty Junette and their respective families.

The family got together at Kerrigan Jr's home after the church
Luncheon to share in his special dedication cake. Pics of
the happy occasion and everyone present will be updated shortly.

Kerrigan Jr. is 3 days away from turning 1 month. Following
his 4 week Mecical check-up, his beaming parents Kerrigan &
Michelle were advised to keep doing whatever it was they were doing
as their child was exceptionally advanced for his age,
at 10.5 pounds and 58 cms, alert beyond what was expected and as
healthy as could be.

Mum Michelle still happily reveals how Dad Kerrigan stays up
for their Baby's nightly feeds and nappy-changes while allowing
her to get a well-earned unbroken nights sleep. Kerirgan says
his wife's rest is well-deserved and compliments her on all she
does during the day and how awesome she looks and how well she's
got back to being as fit as she was. Looking at her figure it's
hard to say she's just had a baby.

The nurses, medical staff and everyone who has seen the family
have been impressed by Kerrigan's fatherly capabilities and tell
Michelle she is a very lucky woman. Michelle totally agrees.
They also compliment Michelle on how well she looks and then
it is Kerrigan's turn to express that he is a very lucky man.

Both parents are already back at work. Kerrigan resumed duties
after 3 days and Michelle after an amazing 4 weeks. Kerrigan is
away for a few hours a day which enables him to be a Hands-on Dad
the rest of the day while also promoting his brand new childrens Book,
'Caro The Talking Carrot' and working on his novel which has been
expectedly neglected. Michelle works part-time a couple of hours about
3 days a week. They have both agreed never to leave their child unless
either of them are present - they simply couldn't do it - at least while
he is still so young.

Over a hundred pics of Kerigan Jr. are taken each day and his dad's
computer has run out of space. Kerrigan & Michelle spend many-a-moment
simply gazing at their treasure - undoubtedly the BEST thing to happen
to both of them. His personality is adorable as expressed in Michelle's
guestbook comments
and also further comments

Pastor Graeme Shand officiated the Dedication ceremony. Then after
a luncheon at the couples local church it was back home with the
immediate family to share in the Dedication cake gifted by Aunty
Junette who shares Kerrigan Jr's birthday. Later that evening
Janet Halsall, local Mayor and close friend of Kerrigan,
paid them a visit and after that the couple were back at church with
their love-to-travel son - for an evening service at a different church
Pastored by Kerrigan's cousin Jerome La-Brooy.

MARCH 9TH 2008


Kerrigan Wilhelm Ryde La-Brooy made his world debut on
March 9th 2008 at 2.20 Sunday morning weighing in at
8 pounds 1.5 ounces.

Kerrigan Jr. is the BEST thing that has happened to
his dad Kerrigan Snr. and his beautiful Mum Michelle.

Kerrigan, who everyone describes as an AWESOME dad,
thanks his Co-Producer, wife Michelle, admitting
that this is his BEST production yet!

Friends and family attest to the fact that he's a
doting father, indeed one in a million. Some Guestbook
entries further emphasise this truth and Michelle's
own sentiments are expressed in no uncertain terms in her inspiring comments
and also further comments

Kerrigan has frequently nurtured other peoples children with
love and compassion and always longed for his own. He has stored
up a lot to give. Michelle says he's the 'perfect' Dad.

According to Kerrigan, Michelle is an extraordinary woman,
and a remarkable Mum. He has never known anyone so perfect and
complete in everyway.

The handsome boy, Kerrigan Jr., is indeed a Miracle come true
for the happy couple who got Engaged in May 2007 and Married
in August, 3 months later.

Despite his parents whirlwind romance and speedy accomplishments
Kerrigan Jr. has certainly made his intentions known that he
is definitely an 11th hour child who likes to do things at
his own pace.

Michelle went into labour at 3.15 AM Sat morning and Kerrigan
took her to the hospital by 8.45 AM, but for the 2nd time during
this pregnancy they were sent home due to an undisclosed medical reason.

The hospital which is strictly a 'low-risk' establishment made an
immediate appointment with a 2nd hospital to have Michelle
admitted at 6.30 AM the following day, Sunday March 9th, to undergo a
series of Inducing procedures. If this didn't workout it was to continue
until Monday March 10th (Labour Day) for a further attempt of
Inducing the baby or at the worst case scenario a Caesarean.

Kerrigan and Michelle and their friends and family were praying
earnestly against this. Thus far the pregnancy had been perfect in
every way, with Michelle remaining healthy and maintaining her amazing fitness.
The child was refered to as a 'picture book' baby at regular medical and
midwife check-ups.

No sooner Kerrigan and Michelle were sent back home from the
hospital on Saturday morning Michelle's contractions continued
throughout the day accompanied by vomiting. Unable to bear watching her in
pain anymore, Kerrigan considered ringing the 2nd hospital and bringing the
appointment forward by a day. But instead, thank God, he rang the original
hospital and explained the situation and persisted that Michelle was in labour
and the hospital eventually asked him to bring his wife in for a final

This time her contractions were so severe that the hospital Reception
noticed her condition on entry and ordered a wheel-chair to be brought
down. Back in the presence of a midwife Kerrigan begged they not be sent back
home again. She confirmed that while they definitely wouldn't be sent back home
they could possibly be transfered to the alternate hospital immediately, the
high risk one initially scheduled for the next day.

The fact was the original hospital, the one they were at, permitted the husband
to stay with his wife and child for 2 nights. The 2nd one didn't!
Hoping and praying for the best the couple had the final examination done and
as it turned out they were blessed with words that sent their spirits soaring.....

.....The previous medical condition had suddenly disappeared and the couple were
informed that it was not necessary to transfer Michelle as she was definitely
in labour and they were to remain where they were and that they would most likely
be having A BABY by 3am the next morning.

Kerrigan literally stood by Michelle through every contraction, every 3
minutes, giving her water, encouraging her and supporting her. Michelle
was a real trouper and took everything in her stride with grit and
determination and relying on her husband for strength and support. Late that
night a call was made to the alternate (inducing) hospital, cancelling the
couples next day appointment.

By midnight the labour seemed at its end but that's when they encountered more
problems and the midwives exchanged concerned glances which didn't go unnoticed by
Kerrigan. Emergency caesarean seemed a possibility. Michelle was aware of the
scenario too despite her intense contractions and her husband trying to keep his
suspicions to himself.

More earnest prayers ensued and in just over 2 hours and several stitches later
at 2.20 am on Sunday Morning, Kerrigan Wilhelm Ryde La-Brooy was born.
Ironically Kerrigan Jr. was conceived on a Sunday as well.

Despite being contented with whichever gender God blessed them with,
Kerrigan made no secret that he prefered a son as his first-born, who could
later protect his younger sister and carry on his fathers name. Michelle shared his
sentiments and was hopeful of pleasing her husband.

However at the crucial time when their baby was born, the gender was the furthest
thing on Kerrigan's mind. All he was concerned about was that their child was safe
and healthy and that his wife was the same.

When the baby was handed to Michelle for skin-to-skin contact one midwife
accidentally remarked "He's a big fellow." Thats when Michelle picked up, "Did
you say 'he'?" and she caught Kerrigan's glance and said, "Darling it's a boy,
you've got your son." The moment was poignant as it finally sank into Kerrigan
and he repeated, "Babe, we've got a son, we've got a son." The couple were ecstatic
and in tears.

The couple had an envelope sitting by Kerrigan's office computer since week 18
in which the ultrasound examiner had written down the gender of the child in case
curiosity got the better of the parents, but they were incredibly strong and
patient and didn't peek. Friends and family commended their will. When they returned
home after Kerrigan Jr's birth they lost no time in looking at the envelope
and it said "90% sure it's a boy."

Kerrigan watched the entire birth including the stitches. Michelle clung onto
his hand and he urged her on. He'll never forget the tremendous discomfort
she endured and has vowed if ever their children are disrespectful towards their Mum
that he would gently remind them of how he personally witnessed what she went through
to bring them forth and that they should be appreciative of her in every way.

A major part of Michelle's pain relief procedures requested of hospital staff was
that Kerrigan's CD be played during her labour. This request was gladly granted
and as it turned out some staff wanted to purchase the CD themselves.

Throughout the night "Sentimentally Yours" was played softly in the
background. When Kerrigan Jr. was born the song playing, by sheer coincidence,
was "Falling In Love", the same song that Kerrigan sang to Michelle at their
Wedding Celebration in September 2007.

Later the baby had skin-to-skin contact with his Dad after been fed by his Mum,
and was weighed by Kerrigan (Snr), weighing in at 8 pounds 1.5 ounces. A big boy
for a normal (natural) delivery. Then Kerrigan and Michelle were shown to their
room where they spent their first night with their new-born.

The next morning an excited dad gave his son his first bath and a radiant mum
recuperated almost overnight. Indeed guests and family who poured in to see the
brand new family commented that it was almost impossible to tell that Michelle had
just given birth. She looked amazing and her husband was the first to comment.

Kerrigan Jr. was born on Kerrigan's sister Junette's birthday, March 9th, just
as she had been hoping for. Having 4 kids of her own Kerrigan challenged her as
to why she wasn't able to return the favour towards him having 4 opportunities
while he accomplished it in just one:>)

Kerrigan Jr. is also the only direct bloodline of Kerrigan's dad Paul La-Brooy
whose only son is Kerrigan (snr), who now has a son of his own to carry on the
family ancestry.

Kerrigan La-Brooy Jr. will inherit his dads company Kerrigan La-Brooy Enterprises,
his courier business Kerrigan's Courigans and lots more. What's interesting is
if he was to follow in his dads footsteps and someday became a singer and if someone
recognising his name walked up to him and said, "Kerrigan La-Brooy, I remember you
singing years ago" Kerrigan Jr. can proudly say, "That wasn't me, that was my dad."

Kerrigan's Mum Jeune was thrilled the birth took place one day before she flew
interstate as she would have otherwise cancelled her flight. Michelle's Mum Norah rang
in from New Zealand just as excited.

Kerrigan is relieved that both Mum and baby are in excellent condition.

Kerrigan Wilhelm Ryde shares his Dads initials KWR, Kerrigan Warren Rayne and they
both have the exact same number of letters in their complete names and both share
the Number 4. Had he been born a day earlier he would have shared his Mums number 3.
The baby was born at 2.20am and in another incredible coincidence his dad was born
at 2.20 pm.

When the photographer arrived in the room to take official photographs Kerirgan Jr.
was relaxed and posed and followed the camera around with his eyes, jestfully proving
that he was indeed his fathers son.

Mum, Dad and Baby were finally released from the hospital on Tuesday March 11th.
Here again they were scheduled to leave in the morning but hospital staff were
waiting on another urine test from Kerrigan Jr., and just like his dad did when he
was born, the baby refused to wee.

Finally, just when his anxious parents thought they would have to spend another
night at the hospital, around 8pm, their little bundle of joy decided to do what he
needed to, once again at the eleventh hour and in his own time.

They left the hospital under the cover of darkness. Maybe that's exactly what
Kerrigan Jr. intended, making the couple wonder whether he mistakenly thought he
was some sort of celebrity. Well to THEM at least he is....

Stay turned for regular updated photo's of BABY KEZ and regular updates
to this page.

For Michelle's comments on Kerrigan and their SON Kerrigan Jr.
and to leave your own message or read everyone elses above and below
on the Guest page,
go to her inspiring Guestbook comments
and also further comments

MARCH 7TH 2008


Kerrigan & Michelle are kept waiting for their precious bundle
of Joy. The glowing Mum-to-be has past her due date of Feb 29th -
so the child will definitely not be a Leap-Year baby.

The excited Dad-to-be has his own theory. With Monday March 10th
being the LABOUR DAY public holiday in Aussie he reckons baby 'may'
make his or her appearance on this day, despite Kerrigan trying to
convince the child that it means a 'different kind' of labour.

The couple are deeply appreciative of concerned family and friends
who keep ringing, emailing, smsing and inquiring to see how things
are. They wish they can give a positive answer when asked 'boy or girl'
but hope to be able to do so soon.

Michelle has proven to be an exemplary young woman and copes
beautifully. The couple has surprised everyone by not peeking
at the envelope beside Kerrigan's home-office computer which
states the gender of the child. They say they'll only be cheating
themselves if they did and are looking forward to the 'surprise.'

The days and weeks leading up to the 40-week full term period were
handled with extreme patience but now since baby is overdue it's
rather frustrating as all mums and dads will realise when they think
back to their first-born.

The couple faithfully kept abreast with an internet site which tracked
the progress of the baby from 3 weeks to 40 but unfortunately it ends
there and there isn't a week 41 to look up. They now take one day at a
time and are just praying for a perfect healthy baby in Gods perfect
timing adding that TODAY would be nice.

They had one false alarm on Feb 28th when Michelle appeared to enter
pre-labour but they were sent back from the hospital to sweat it out
for the last 7-8 days and nights. Baby is extremely active and often
referred to by medical staff as a "Fidget Bottom."

Michelle says she sometimes forgets she's pregnant when Kerrigan is at
work because baby is so quiet but no sooner the baby hears his dad's
voice either on the phone or as he walks through the door he/she starts
kicking up a storm inside her belly. And the same happens when
Kerrigan sings in the car or anywhere, baby seems to instantly
recognise his/her Dads voice and gets active.

Of course Michelle is doing an AWESOME job with the pregnancy and sometimes
Kerrigan himself forgets she's pregnant because she remains so active and
sprightly. He hasn't heard one complaint escape her sweet lips. Baby is
obviously just too content and comfortable where he/she is and isn't in
too much of a hurry to make his/her appearance.

Kerrigan's youngest sibling Junette's birthday falls on March 9th
and she's hopeful her long-anticipated niece or nephew will share
her birthday.The couple appreciate your prayers and concern and any
guestbook updates and hopefully they'll be able to share the news
of the BEST thing that's ever happened to them both, real sooooooon.



Kerrigan & Michelle are growing more and more excited as they
count down the days for their bundle of joy to arrive.

"Michelle is a real trouper," Kerrigan says."She's taking everything
in her stride and I've never heard her complain about 'anything'.
I'm real proud of my sweetheart wife."

Michelle on the other hand says, "I'm well looked after and I've
nothing to complain about. With my darling husband around we
want for nothing."

The baby knows the sound of their voices. Michelle says she almost
forgets she's pregnant when Kerrigan is not around but no sooner
he walks through the door baby hears his (or her) daddy's voice
and wakes up. It's amazing!

Kerrigan sometimes speaks as the baby, interpreting what they think
the child is thinking or saying, in the most comical manner and the
couple spend enjoyable times laughing and relishing the moment.

The due date is still the 29th of February (Leap year) and Michelle
reaches full term (38 weeks) next week. The happy couple can't wait
for their life-changing experience having a wealth of experience
between them. They have nurtured neices and nephews on both sides,
Kerrigan 11 and Michelle 20, and helped with burping, nappy changing,
putting to sleep, feeding and bathing.




And Baby Makes Three..........
Yes Kerrigan & Michelle are having a Baby.

In a year that's proved to be a mammoth one for the newlyweds, news
of their First Child is the BEST they have EVER experienced.
The couple are ecstatic and over the moon and eager to share their
joy with the rest of the world.

The bare facts are laid-out exclusively on the Kerrigan La-Brooy
website, detailed in genuine and heartfelt sincerety, as the couple
take you behind the scenes to share some of their deepest
and most intimate moments.

Rumours and Speculations of the past are gradually
falling into place. The glowing Bride, the advancement
of their Wedding Day, the secret they were absolutely
busting to share with the rest of the world.

The due date for the Baby is, believe it or not, the
29th of February, with 2008 being a Leap-Year.

The couple are glad they can talk freely about their
delightful Blessing. In fact they have talked freely
right from the inception but only those closest to the
couple were let in on the secret, as early as 3 and a half
weeks into the pregnancy.

Michelle conceived on May 25th, just 9 days after the
couple's Engagement. Awake till after Midnight to dawn Kerrigan's
brithday on June 4th, a coy Michelle told the Birthday boy
that she might be pregnant, to which he replied that if indeed
she was, it was the Best birthday gift he could ever hope to have.

Kerrigan was needless to say, exuberant, nevertheless hoping it
wasn't wishful thinking and intrigued that she could know so soon
into the pregnancy. Michelle on the otherhand was convinced, saying
she knew her body was going through some weird changes and that if
it wasn't what she thought it was then she'd be concerned.

For the next two weeks it was one pregnancy test after another,
all with negative results. At one stage Kerrigan joked to Michelle
that perhaps they should change their pharmacy in case they were
recognised as an over-enthusiastic pair of rabbits, buying somany
home pregnancy kits.

Then one Sunday in Church, on June 17th 2007 (ironically 'Fathers
Day' in America) Kerrigan felt in his spirit the Lord confirming
that Michelle was indeed pregnant with his child. That afternoon
Damon (son/nephew at the time) asked Kerrigan, "Dad can you take
me to Allen's Music Store in the city to buy me some cymbals?"
The child also asked Kerrigan whether they could go without
Aunty Michelle, as he often did, since he didn't want her to think
he was being a scab, getting somany gifts from Kerrigan.

Firstly Kerrigan assured him that he wasn't being a scab and that
he deserved his gifts, particularly on this day, as it was a
reward for doing well in school. However Kerrigan discussed it
with his fiancee and she agreed to stay back and perhaps try
another home test. Kerrigan said maybe it was just as well he
wouldn't be around to jinx it. Up until this time Michelle had
claimed to be 99% sure she was pregnant, going by her body changes.

While travelling the Freeway about half an hour later, Kerrigan
received a call from Michelle, confirming the test was finally Positive.
"What?" Kerrigan was beside himself with excitement, "Sweetheart, are
you sure?" To which an enthusiastic Michelle replied, "100% my Darling."

The jubilant couple were both in tears. Kerrigan wanted to turn
the vehicle around and race back home but he was careful not to
disappoint Damon who was looking forward to receiving his cymbals.
When he confirmed to him that he was going to be a Daddy, the child's
first question, also with tears in his eyes, was, "Dad, will I still
be your Son?" Kerrigan instinctively threw one arm around the child,
while driving, and immediately reassured him, "Yes my boy, you will
always be my elder son."

The next morning the couple went to the doctor who asked for
a urine test to be brought back the following day, Tuesday.
But alas, another Negative result, so Michelle was sent for
a blood test. The results were in on Wednesday, the 19th of June
and an anxious couple sat in the Doctors office as he said the
words they were longing to hear, "You're definitely pregnant -
about 3 and a half weeks."

"Doctor, she knew so early," Kerrigan was amazed. To which doc
replied, smiling and with deep conviction, "They know!"

The couple were eager to celebrate but they had to wait since
Kerrigan couldn't leave Damon home alone - and knowing the
child was at an impressionable age, he did not want him to feel
neglected or isolated. But when the appropriate time arose, the
couple seized the opportunity to go out and celebrate their Miracle.

The couple have refrained from finding out the gender of the baby,
but have it written down by a nurse in an envelope which says
"Don't Peek." Kerrigan's hopes for a Boy first up and somehow they
both suspect it's a male, however they'll be happy with either a
Boy or a Girl so long as God blesses them with a Healthy Baby.

It's a laugh being around the couple when the baby kicks and
Kerrigan say's, "Wow, He did a good job there," and Michelle
responds with, "She sure did, didn't she?" Or when Michelle
puts Kerrigan's hand on her tummy and says, "Can you feel Her,"
and he responds, equally enthusiastically, "Sure, I can feel Him."

Right from the start when they knew they were going to be parents,
Kerrigan & Michelle shared the good news with their family and
close friends. Some were amazed that the couple didn't wait for
what was considered the normal safe period of 3 months. But they
were way too excited to keep it to themselves and wanted to
shout it out from a mountain top.

They started getting baby gifts as early as June and have
quite a collection already. Baby names were discussed and agreed
upon very early and hopefully won't be changed.

However further significant decisions had to be made when
difficulties arose in the couples lives with seemingly
insurmountable barriers but the couple overcame them all,
successfully and with commendable unity.

As Christians, one particular issue was their moral and ethical
beliefs. With credit to them both, the couple stopped
sharing the same bed with Kerrigan moving to the spare
bedroom so as not to disrupt Michelle or the baby. Those
nights were hard and often spent in tears, as they had to
wrench themselves from each other when saying goodnight,
but the couple knew it wasn't forever.

They brought their wedding forward from what was initially
set for December 1st. Torn between wanting to be married
as soon as possible for the babies sake and also wanting to
share the moment with friends and family and not being able
to afford the latter for awhile, the couple had to decide on
what was best for their future as well as their baby.

They eventually decided to get Married on August 17th in a
Private Ceremony and scheduled the Celebration of their Wedding
in the presence of Family & Friends for September 28th. The first
thing they did as Husband & Wife, was head to the Medicare Office
with their Marriage Certificate, that very afternoon, and change
Michelle's name. The employee behind the counter nearly fell off
her chair when she noticed the date and inquired about their
Honeymoon. But the couple had already discussed that had to wait.
They didn't want to disrupt Damon's schooling and decided to wait
until he was back with his Mum for school holidays or something

The couple are eager to point out that their Marriage was
not on account of the Baby or because they felt, in any way,
compelled to get married. On the contrary, they had decided on
Marriage when they decided on their Engagement, regardless whether
they were going to be parents so early into their Relationship or not.
Marriage to them is sacred and something they both agreed on and
wanted from the very beginning. And while both Kerrigan & Michelle
emphasize that while their Baby was not the deciding factor in their
Marriage, he or she certainly helped to bring their blissful day
forward by a little over 3 months, and for that they're thankful.

Well, it's baby #1 on the way and judging by the positive impact
the child has made on the couple and the immense joy they've expressed,
neither Kerrigan nor Michelle intend to stop there.

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