Kerrigan & Michelle:
Baby Number Two:

Baby Number Two:

"Hey how come I'm Number '2'?
Who's Number '1'?"

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"Hawoh...(Hello)....Gurgle Gurgle.
My name is Heathcliff.
I'm Baby Number Two.

Appawantwy there are a wot more pics of me if you wook at the
fowwowing pages.
Make sure you check out ALL the pages....
Gurgle Gurgle.

....But wead bewow for my stowy and interwesting facts about me....

....Now Don't Forget To Wead Bewow...."

APRIL 19TH 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Kerrigan La-Brooy dedicated their 2nd son Heathcliff
at the Assembly Of God Church on April 19th. Heathcliff is exactly
ONE day younger than when Kerrigan Jr. was Dedicated 12 months ago.

The couple shared the happy occasion with Church Family and Kerrigan's
immediate Family, Mum Jeune and Siblings Junette, Kevin and families.
Brother Leon and family visited the couple at home later in the day and
so did Aunty Aprille.

Heathcliff is growing in leaps and bounds and is a sheer joy to watch and
so is Kerrigan Jr. Many humourous moments are shared, particularly watching
Kerrigan Jr's reaction when Heathcliff crys. The toddler holds his head and
stares, with a look that says, "What have I got myself into?"

On the way back home from church Kerrigan watched Kerrigan Jr. in the
rear view mirror as the child reached out very purposefully over Heathcliff
before reclining back in his seat contentedly. Kerrigan laughed and asked Michelle
to look at what had happened. Kerrigan Jr. had taken Heathcliff's dummy out
of his mouth and was sucking it himself. And the expression on Heathcliff's
face said, "Take whatever you want but leave me alone."

MARCH 23RD 2009


Heathcliff Kerrison Rhett La-Brooy made his world debut on
March 23rd 2009, weighing in at 7.11 and a half lbs, and 53.5 cm's.
He arrived exactly 1 year and 2 weeks after his elder brother Kerrigan Jr.
Typically, he kept his Dad and Mum waiting but as Kerrigan says,
"All good things come to those who wait and God's Timing is Perfect".

Heathcliff is a perfectly healthy Baby Boy but read on for details
on the trauma that transpired.....

By Midday on March 23rd Kerrigan & Michelle visited the hospital to
set a date for Michelle to be induced – March 28th was to be that day.
The couple were convinced that if a ‘date’ was set then their baby would
definitely arrive ‘earlier’. They left the hospital and were out doing
their regular Monday chores with Kerrigan Jr. when Michelle went into
labour around 4.30PM.

They hurried home and Kerrigan quickly fed little Kerrigan and tucked
him safely into bed. Brother Leon rushed Mum Jeune over for the night.
Michelle's contractions gradually got more severe and she was writhing
in pain but as usual she was a real trouper.

Midwife Heather gave Kerrigan the 'go ahead' to bring his wife in and a
very calm husband got his wife to the hospital by 6pm. The most difficult
part for the couple was being away from their son Kerrigan Jr. for the FIRST
time EVER. Until then the child had never spent even a few hours away from
either of them and accompanied them everywhere; dances, weddings, funerals
and all Kerrigan's public appearances.

Michelle broke her waters at 7pm and baby Heathcliff was born 11 minutes
later, at 7.11 that night. Their happiness was complete and they spent a
joyful night with their new-born son. Kerrigan, the doting husband and dad
that he is, was thrilled to bottle feed Heathcliff. The next day he gave his
son his first bath. Michelle, radiant and pretty as a picture looked refreshed
and fit as a fiddle, bouncing back to normality as usual.

The most thrilling part for Kerrigan, apart from seeing his 2nd son
Heathcliff enter the world and cutting his umbilical cord, was bringing
Kerrigan Jr. into the hospital to see his Mum and newborn sibling the next
day. Mum Jeune was there as well. This was on March 24th, and as it
turned out they would be the only ones to see the child for several days
as complications arose that day.

For the next 5 days little Heathcliff was to undergo the most heartrending
experience of his young life, with blood tests, needles, X-Rays, heart and
respiration monitoring, the drip and even an incubator for photo therapy under lights.

Michelle was discharged the day after, March 25th, and immediately set about
getting their home in order, desperately waiting for her son and husband to
return home.

Dad Kerrigan stayed behind with Heathcliff, sharing his time between his
family which were being torn apart. He saved Michelle the pain of witnessing
Heathcliff’s ordeal as it would have broken the young Mother’s heart.
Kerrigan held his son in his arms through it all and never left his side
except to rush home and feed his first-born Kerrigan Jr. and put him to bed
and of course make sure Michelle was alright on her own at home.

Dad Kerrigan had never been so broken. It was distressing to watch doctors trying
to find an appropriate vein on a 1 day old. They had to keep pricking Heathcliff
repeatedly as he screamed and cried, a sound which almost sounded like 'No More'
and at one stage Kerrigan told the medical staff that 'enough was enough' and
asked them whether there was any more blood his little boy had left to give as he felt
they'd taken it all. The tearful father wished they could take his blood instead.

Kerrigan questioned the faculty frequently, aware of malpractice situations.
Not wanting to leave a stone unturned, he protected his son with his life.
What was initially meant to be a 48 hour vigil turned out to be 5 days.
It was awfully painful on the entire family.

Kerrigan and Michelle had ‘never’ spent a night apart ‘ever.’ Little Kerrigan
was clearly distraught and pined for his Dad, as Michelle's guestbook comments best explains it.
When his Dad came home the child would cling to his neck tightly and refuse
to let go. Kerrigan doesn’t know where he found the strength to tear himself away
from his son and his wife – realizing he could never have done it if not that
Heathcliff needed him too.

With the previous birth Kerrigan was with Michelle every minute so this time
it was hard on the couple having to tear themselves away from each other even briefly.
Michelle says little Kerrigan would only smile and laugh when his Dadda came
home - 4 times a day, starting at 6AM and ending at 7PM - 3 of those times were
to feed Kerrigan and tuck him in, and once to take Michelle and their son to
visit Heathcliff.

Even on the final day, Heathcliff’s release from the hospital remained uncertain
but the couple prayed earnestly and had a strong prayer chain going with the
church and family and friends. Kerrigan had faithfully promised his wife and
also his son Kerrigan Jr. that he would be bringing Heathcliff home the next day
and he fervently wanted to keep that promise – and he did.

Michelle was strong and brave, though awfully lonely and broken – she even slept
on Kerrigan’s side of the bed. Kerrigan compliments his beautiful wife and says,
"She’s an absolutely awesome ‘Mum’; the best there could ever be; and the same goes for
her as a wife. She's so unselfish and caring." Michelle on the other hand was confident
that her husband would not let any harm come to their child and that Heathcliff was
in the best care possible in the hands of his Dad who would guard his son and the rest
of his family with a fierceness born of sacrificial love.

In fact even the medical staff commented to Michelle that Kerrigan should be a doctor
and she vehemently agreed, but quickly added that she wouldn't let him as she wouldn't
want him to be away. The nurse jestfully said, "We can at least try to separate some
couples but with you two we can't even 'try'."

The staff were impressed that Kerrigan was involved in everything to do with Heathcliff,
and they informed Michelle on one of her visits that they had little to do for the child
as her husband did it all. Even when they carried out their tests, rather than stay away
or let them perform it while Heathcliff was in a crib, Kerrigan chose to hold the baby in
his arms, consoling him and and offering him a sence of security.

On the morning of the 29th and even before, Kerrigan held his Bible over his son's crib
and claimed Healing. Shortly afterwards the Doctors walked in and turned off the
photo-therapy incubator. Kerrigan was feeding Heathcliff and his eyes lit up. He stared
at the staff questioningly. They looked at him and nooded their heads. There wasn't a
dry eye in the room.

"We're going home?" Kerrigan asked and they said
"Yes, tests have proved that your son is perfectly healthy."

Kerrigan rang Michelle immediately. She was in tears - so was he. Kerrigan thought it
fitting that Michelle was there to join them on their triumphant departure from the
hospital. Mum Jeune returned to their home to stay with Kerrigan Jr. while Kerrigan
picked Michelle up, almost afraid to leave little Heathcliff unattended in case he
returned and was told the child needed some 'other' test. As it was they said that they
needed one more blood test the next day at home.

Putting Heathcliff in his car seat for the first time and introducing him to the outside
world was a surreal feeling for the couple. For a long time there they had felt almost as if
their child wasn't yet born as nobody had seen him except Grandma Jeune and Brother Kerrigan
and even his birth had not been registered yet; due to lack of time. Following tradition
Kerrigan gave Heathcliff to Michelle for her to carry him into their home, saying it was
appropriate, after all her hard work in bringing forth their precious children.

Heathcliff received a certificate of Bravery before he left the hospital – something he’s
bound to show off to Kerrigan Jr. one day. Kerrigan jokingly speculates as to whether 'this'
had been his plan all along.

Kerrigan Jr. meanwhile has been visibly traumatised by his Dadda's absence and his fleeting visits
and is just coming to terms that he is back home for good. He doesn;t want Kerrigan out of his
sight. He doesn't mind if Michelle has Heathcliff in her arms but gets very upset when
Kerrigan does, being extremely possessive of his Dadda.

His reaction is almost amusing. Kerrigan is gently trying to ease that possessiveness by
involving him in helping to care for his little brother and encouraging him to help nurse
Heathcliff under watchful eyes.

Heathcliff's final blood test was taken on March 30th and the results came back the same day,
with the hospital informing Kerrigan that the child was cleared of any suspected illness and
referred to him as a perfectly healthy baby with a Clean Bill of Health. This was no wonder
as both Kerrigan and Michelle give their children the Best start in the world they possibly could.

They don't drink or smoke and they avoid smoke-filled places and situations. Michelle doesn't take
even a Panadol no matter how severe her headache and the couple don't even do air-travel even when
it's said to be safe. Michelle also abstains from drinking a cup of tea as the couple reckon it's
better to be safe than sorry. And throughout Michelle's pregnancies, Kerrigan tries to give his wife
the easiest time possible. Whenever anyone compliments her on how well she looks she never fails to
say that she's well looked after.

By the way, the only person who knew the name Heatchcliff, having checked out the website at
just the right time and been sworn to secrecy was Noala. Thanks Noals.

Read below for days leading upto Heathcliff's birth.

MARCH 22ND 2009

The wait for baby #2 has become long and frustrating. Michelle's contractions
started at 2AM on Friday the 13th (March) and the pains continued
throughout the day but they weren't severe enough. However the couple went to
hospital nonetheless, at the Midwife's suggestion. Mum Jeune was there in a jiffy
to be around Kerrigan Jr, walking straight out of the Hair Salon, hair undone,
and Favourite Aunty Aprille was there even quicker, driving over immediately.

It was the FIRST time doting Dad Kerrigan had been away from his son Kerrigan Jr. and it
was clearly written all over his face but he realized his wife Michelle needed him even
more at a time like this. Michelle remarked on how Kerrigan never stopped talking about
their boy, even at the hospital. Baby Kerrigan sensed something was going on and clung
tightly to his dad's neck before they left, not wanting to let go, and ended up vomiting
over both of them. Later Kerrigan jokingly advised baby #2 to be wary of the lengths
brother Kerrigan would go to in order to seek attention.

Michelle, contractions and all, cleaned up the mess with the tremendous help of
Aunty Aprille while Kerrigan quickly dashed up stairs and gave the child a bath
and a change and cleaned himself up as well. "Quickly" being the key-word
because it wasn't quick at all. Kerrigan was suffering excruciating pain from a
groin/upper thigh strain and was hobbling around in agony but nothing stopped him
from carrying on his duties.

Michelle was extremely concerned for her husband but he kept reminding her that
painful and 'annoying' as it was, his issue was NOTHING compared to her labour pains.
He admired his wife and her endurance. No sooner they got back from the hospital she
baked a cake and carried on her work as normal.

Around March 10th Kerrigan had jokingly told Michelle their baby might arrive on a
Thursday. Michelle smiled, contentedly, realizing that 'Thursday' the 12th was just
a couple of days away. However, Kerrigan smiled and said he hadn't meant necessarily
'this' Thursday. As it turned out it was not even the 'next' Thursday (March 19th) either.

The 13th passed and they went through the 14th in similar fashion. And the 15th.
Calls and emails kept flooding in from friends and loved ones. Michelle got a
well-deserved pampering in the couples Home Spa.

Midwife Heather, a lovely lady and more importantly a Christian, was on annual leave
but had left strict instructions at the hospital to be contacted when Michelle went into
labour as she wanted to be present.
This was something the couple were very appreciative of.

Then came the 16th. Took Mum Jeune back to her place. Kerrigan's concentration was
not the best - He was focussing exclusively on Michelle and the baby and not really
comfortable with driving even a little far from home or the hospital. As a result he
ended up scratching the car. Badly! But that was the least of his worries and he hasn't
paid a 2nd thought to it up to now.

A bumpy ride back home and more waiting. Then another spa bath for Michelle.
Later she walked around the lounge and Kerrigan jokingly played a March tune on his
piano and was surprised at how well Michelle actually 'Marched', despite her condition!

Lack of concentration caused Kerrigan to make another slight blunder. He accidentally
put the Name of Baby #2 on the website. Something which was picked up on by one very
special person who constantly checks out the site. The Name was out for only a couple of
hours and this person was on at just the right time - and when the site was re-checked
the name had vanished. Who could this person be???? You'll know after the birth.

The 17th brought another visit to the midwife and more tests which all proved healthy
and positive. The couple were told the latest Michelle would be permitted to go on
uninterrupted, was March 30th - still 2 weeks away. The wait seemed agonizing.

The couple went back home and Kerrigan shared with Michelle that it was best they
prepared their minds, psychologically, emotionally and in every way, for the '30th' -
that way anything sooner would be a bonus. Michelle agreed and that's what they
decided to do.

The 22nd Sunday dawned and apart from the usual 'mild' contractions and many more
'shows' baby #2 was still holding on, snug and comfortable and showing little intention
of wanting to be introduced to the eagerly waiting world. Aunty Aprille had pre-planned
a vacation for 10 days starting on the 22nd, never expecting baby to have 'not' showed up
by then. So Grandma Jeune would be doing the honours of being with Kerrigan Jr. while the
couple were in the hospital when baby #2 decided to show up. Kerrigan of course would be
coming home to feed his son Kerrigan Jr. and put him to bed etc.



With the start of 2009 Kerrigan & Michelle are getting
more and more excited as the birth of their 2nd child
draws nearer, with Michelle entering her 30th week of pregnancy.

They have chosen their midwife and things are looking healthy
and well. Michelle is much larger with this pregnancy than she was
with Kerrigan Jr., who was an 8 pound plus baby himself.

Kerrigan says he has never met a woman like Michelle who copes so
awesomely with pregnancy and takes everything in her stride with a
smile and with ease.

Both Michelle and Kerrigan are much more relaxed the 2nd time round
as opposed to when Kerrigan Jr was being expected. The couple are
happy and content and never cease to thank God for their Blessings.
They're both very much in love and those close to them say their love
keeps increasing daily.



Kerrigan & Michelle are expecting their Second Child.
Michelle is Three Months Pregnant.

The couple have kept the news to themselves and shared their
joy only with those closest to them.
Baby # 2 is due just 1 day before Kerrigan Jr. turns 1 year old -
it's on the cards that it could even be the same day....

The overjoyed couple who have just celebrated their 1st Wedding
Anniversary in a Romantic Renewing of vows ceremony on August 17th
2008, first found out about their 2nd baby in June this year. They
had their suspicions shortly after Kerrigan's birthday on June 4th.

Mr. & Mrs. Kerrigan La-Brooy feel blessed more than they ever
imagined possible.

Meanwhile Baby Number One, Kerrigan Jr. is an absolute treasure and
indeed a joy to watch as he continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

Their family and closest friends are thrilled at the news. The couple
realize that the day or night their 2nd child is born will be the first
time they'll have to spend away from Kerrigan Jr. - Grandma Jeune has
already bagged the joy of looking after him for those few hours.

Michelle is radiant and coping extremely well. She zealously emphasizes
that she is well looked after and that Kerirgan is the Best Husband
and Father ever!!!
Read her latest comments in the Guestbook re.
Fathers Day
Kerrigan on the other hand calls her a Real Trouper
and marvels at how well she does.

For first time Parents the couple are frequently complimented on how
amazingly well they are doing. Watching Kerrigan bath and feed the baby
they often comment on his confidence and skill, commenting that it looks
as if he's been a Dad to many before this. The couple put this down to
their practice with their nieces and nephews - they have THIRTY FOUR
between them.

The couple were convinced from the start that Kerrigan Jr. was a boy and
they were correct. This time round they feel just as certain that it's
another boy, but nevertheless, girl or boy, they'll be thrilled with either.
And in any case the two children will hopefully grow up extremely close
with such a small difference in age.

The couple don't intend finding out the gender, both agreeing that a
surprise would be nice and that finding out would be delving too deep
into nature. Kerrigan also believes it's better for Michelle not to
know; with her doing all the hard work of going through labour etc it's
nice to have a surprise at the end of it all.

The due date is March 8th 2009.
Names are needless to say under wraps yet again.
Keep returning for regular updates.

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