Kerrigan & Michelle:
Baby Number Four:

Baby Number Four:

"What? I'm Number '4'?
They took this long to get it Right?"

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"Hawoh...(Hello)....Gurgle Gurgle.
My name is Xondra.
I'm Baby Number Four.

Appawantwy there are a wot more pics of me if you wook at the
fowwowing pages.
Make sure you check out ALL the pages....
Gurgle Gurgle.

....But wead bewow for my stowy and interwesting facts about me....

....Now Don't Forget To Wead Bewow...."

JULY 15TH 2011


Kerrigan and his wife Michelle are thrilled to welcome
into the world their fourth child.
Xondra Tuscany Storm La-Brooy was born at home on July 15th 2011 at
9.08 pm - coincidentally weighing in at 8.9 pounds and 9 days overdue -
just one day ahead of Kerrigan's maternal Grandmother Hilda Berenger's
birthday. The couple are ecstatic and so are Xondra's 3 siblings, Kerrigan Jr.,
Heathcliff & Tempest.

Many are intrigued by the family's life style and say the couple should be
in the Guiness Book Of Records - having 4 children 3yrs and under.

Kerrigan says he's never felt more Blessed as he has been in the past 4 years.
Prayerfully confident with a home birth, Kerrigan put his 3 children to bed
promising them that Jesus would bring them a Baby Sister by morning.
Then as always, he was beside his wife throughout the labour and this time even
caught his precious child as she was born in addition to cutting her umbilical cord.

The couple opted for a home-birth because Kerrigan dreaded having to leave his
3 Priceless Treasures behind when he needed to take Michelle to the hospital.
He also preferred the home atmosphere and Michelle shared his sentiments.
Inwardly he was wary of the safety issue but kept his apprehension
strictly to himself. He prayed about it continually and trusted in God's presence
above everyone and everything else.

Xondra was just 4 days away from being induced. Her 3 siblings are drawn to her
like moths to a flame. The most 'put-out' is 1 year old Tempest. Whenever she
sees her little sister in her Dadda's arms being fed etc, she throws herself
on the ground, lifts up her arms and says, 'Help me, help me!' Actually it
sounds more like 'Hep me hep me!' Needless to say Kerrigan 'heps' her instantly -
taking her to sit beside him and making her feel involved in the 'burping' etc.

Michelle's recovery has been the quickest this time round and the trouper that
she is, she took no time in resuming her normal duties. Kerrigan considers her
the most amazing woman in the world. She on the other hand claims there's no man
that can compare to him and constantly reinforces he's the best Dad & Hubby ever -
as does everyone else.

Kerrigan is back to his sleepless nights, feeding Xondra and making sure
Michelle has uninterrupted nights sleep and plenty of rest. The blissfully happy
couple who will be celebrating their 4th Wedding Anniversary next month
(on the 17th of August), are already planning for their 5th Blessing.

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