Kerrigan & Damon:

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Meanwhile it's fatherhood for Kerrigan with his teenage nephew
Damon moving down to live with him. They look on each other as
'Father' and 'Son' and they even look alike - the connection
between the two is amazing.

It's a challenging role with school, homework, fun,
discipline and love, all playing an important role, with
(aboveall) love cementing the healthy balance.

Damon's Mum Deanne (Dee) is Kerrigan's sister and the siblings
are closely knit and have always been extremely close.
Kerrigan and Deanne share a special bond - he adores his elder
sister and judging by Dee's guestbook comments in November, the
feeling is definitely mutual.

The pair live a 10 hour drive apart, with Dee living in Sydney,
but hopefully that will soon change, with Damon's move to live
with Kerrigan and a transfer from Deanne's place of work.

Kerrigan has even got a new addition to the family, a little
puppy named Roxy predominantly for Damon.