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Nashville Tennessee
The International Country Music Association

"I have enjoyed watching the overall quality of Australian country music improve
over the last three or four years.
Kerrigan La-Brooy proves once again that Australian country music is among the
world's best."

Fort Worth Texas
Richard Rosales

"This guy is great looking with a Gene Watson style and voice about him.
He surely will be an Australian heartbreaker of American women."

Max W. Achatz, Country Jukebox Magazine

"We had Sherrie Austin, Keith Urban and Jamie O'Neal, three International Standard
Recording Stars who have come to our attention from the fifth continent Australia
and now we have Kerrigan La-Brooy, giving us a very promising debut on the world
stage with 'Countrycity Unity'.
Americans and Europeans will soon see that Kerrigan La-brooy is a force to be
reckoned with.

Melbourne Australia
Karen Knowles, Australian Showbiz Personality

"It's lovely to watch you - you've got a real sincerity which shines through your

Pam Ayers, English Poet

"I loved your performance. You had a nice smiley delivery. It's a pity Marty
Robbins Enterprises didn't show much enterprise when they let you go."

Nashville Tennessee
Wayne Hodge, Nashville based Indie World reviewer

"Kerrigan's latest release has just 3 songs but there's enough country here to
get this guy to Nashville."

Ray Grundy, Metro Country

"Young Kerrigan La-Brooy is causing quite a stir with both his music and his
looks. 'Countrycity Unity' marks his debut in Europe where I am sure he is
going to pick up more fans."

For the full interview with Kerrigan by Ray Grundy at Talking Country (opens
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Colombo Sri Lanka
Laila & Ruhanie, Mirror Magazine Reporters

"Swinging hips and flashy footwork are the trade mark of Kerrigan La-Brooy.
He is dynamite. He ran up and down the stage and danced to the pulsating
rhythms of his music and threw in a few jokes to keep the audience in fits of
The crowd just loved him and cheered him back on stage for more."

Thomas Leary, Muledog Records & Magazine USA

"This Australian has it all: Talent, a great voice, youth, charisma and the
number one spot on the WORLDWIDE MAINSTREAM CHARTS for two months in a row.
Kerrigan projects a clean image that is now taking the entire world by storm.
The power and crispness of his voice really sparkles."

Colombo, Ceylon/Sri Lanka
Mahes Perera, Sunday Observer

"Kerrigan La-Brooy has undoubtedly acquired a sparkling act that keeps you
with him till the final bows. What's more he hasn't lost his sincerity and
natural charm."

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