Kerrigan La-Brooy:

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Kerrigan La-Brooy starts the New Year 2015 with a new release on the
Hotdisc Record Label, keeping his finger's crossed for a successful outcome.

His self-penned song "Photograph of You" has already made the Top 10% of the
Unisong International Song Competition".

The doting Dad of 6 children, six years and under, hopes to make a come-back
this year both in Australia as well as Internationally, with a visit to Sri Lanka
on the cards. Naturally, Kerrigan will only do stuff that involves his wife
and children and will decline anything that means being away from them,
no matter how lucrative the offer.

"My children are my life," Kerrigan says, "And my world revolves around them. Everything else pales into insignificance."



Kerrigan La-Brooy made a surprise guest appearance at the
Sandown Regency (Walawwa). He went there to support Dalreen Suby who was
touring Australia from Sri Lanka. Dalreen, fellow performer and dear friend, had
visited the La-Brooy Residence shortly before for lunch and to spend time with
Kerrigan's brood of 6 children, six years and under.

Kerrigan felt honoured to be asked to perform and deeply appreciates the support.
He did 3 songs and despite the audience screaming for an encore, he graciously
left the stage as time was of the essence.

MAY 1ST 2013


Kerrigan La-Brooy was featured in the "SRI LANKAN ANCHORMAN NEWSPAPER" in Canada. The special feature titled, "A Class Act - Magnificent Seven" was written by Dirk Tissera.

APRIL 28TH 2013


Kerrigan was interviewed by Derrick J on Channel 31 about his family and
putting his career on hold for them. The highlight of the show was
Kerrigan singing with both his children – the Jim Reeve’s classic,
"But You Love Me Daddy" which Kerrigan sang with his own Dad when he was just
five years old.



Kerrigan was a popular favourite at the recent Pre-Melbourne Cup Ball sponsored by
'Whispering Hope'. The Dinner/Dance featured Kerrigan La-Brooy , Mirage,
Des Kelly and Replay 6.

Kerrigan only agreed to a 15 minute appearance because of his family commitments.
He kept to his word and took his wife and 5 children with him.
Usually, even after he's tucked all 6 children safely in bed after Praying, Bible
Reading and Storytime, they sometimes wake up for a late night toilet visit
or some other excuse, calling out, "Dadda, Dadda," and Kerrigan is quick
to run to them and reassure them that everything is alright.

Kerrigan was voted No 1 in the ‘Live Performance’ video clip competition with his
performance of ‘Oh Lonesome Me’ at this event.

Kerrigan has also made not only the Top 200 List but the Top 100 List of
World Class Sri Lankans. Kerrigan is humbled by this accolade and feels honoured.

APRIL 4TH 2012


Kerrigan La-Brooy’s much anticipated come-back concert/dance on March 17th 2012
was a huge success. Having vowed never to leave his wife or kids behind,
Kerrigan put his career on hold for over 5 years. But urged on by his wife’s
yearning desire to see her hubby back in action, the only reason Kerrigan decided
to hit the stage again was because he could have his children right there with him.

Initially in a the backstage dressing room converted into a private play-room,
complete with Television, Dvd, Cot, Toys and a close church friend to mind them -
then eventually when it was their turn to perform, right there on stage with him!!

Kerrigan met his wife Michelle while touring and performing in New Zealand
during a whirlwind World Tour which took in a staggering 19 countries in 2 months.
The couple will be happily married 5 years in August 2012 and just a month later
(Come September) they’ll have 5 children under the age of 4 ½.

Tickets for Kerrigan’s show sold out long before the event and more had to be printed.
Those sold out too. With an audience of over 300 Kerrigan pleased everyone.
Some had travelled far and wide but the furthest was from overseas with someone
from good old Sri Lanka bringing their flight forward specially for the show.

Kerrigan once again proved his enviable energy and stamina; entertaining for
an hour and a half non-stop before intermission and then again for over an hour after.
As always Kerrigan’s incredible voice & stage presence shone through.
Many have asked whether he could be bottled and sold. His talent and personality is a
force to be reckoned with yet he remains humble and unassuming.

Eager to promote young talent, Kerrigan’s guests were brilliant, and included the
Backstage Dance Academy, Jessie Hilder and Sheralyn Hill. But just as the proud Dad
had hoped, the highlight of the show was when Kerrigan’s 4 children hit the stage –
the eldest Kerrigan Jr. just a week over 4 years. Even 8 month old Xondra,
the youngest of the La-Brooy Brood, was all smiles as she absorbed the limelight
in a sling slung across her Dadda’s neck. The La-Brooy Brood, The Von Trapp Singers
or The La-Brooy Bunch as they’ve been dubbed (in comparison to the Brady Bunch)
all looked comfortable and at home on stage.

Incredibly, despite holding his baby-daughter, Kerrigan still managed to play
the guitar while he sang a duet with Kerrigan Jr – the Jim Reeves classic,
“But You Love Me Daddy” which ironically Kerrigan had sung with his own Dad when
he was just five years old, which according to Kerrigan was many ‘moons’ ago.
Kerrigan is quick to point out the fact that his son Kerrigan Jr is doing the same song
a year younger, proving he’s already better than his Dad.

Kerrigan then introduced Heathcliff and Tempest for more dancing, posing and singing.
Of course Kerrigan Jr, (definitely his father’s son) bounded off stage
to be introduced a 2nd time!!!! Songs included more of “But You Love Me Daddy”,
“Boom Shack-A-Lack”, “Jesus Loves Me” and Bobby Darin’s “Things”, with “Deep And Wide”
as the finale after which they took their bows. The audience was in raptures and the
applause was contagious. The children bowing was entertainment in itself.

Immediately following the show Kerrigan was booked for repeat performances by an
audience who vowed to be back, wanting to know when Kerrigan would be making another
appearance. He said it all depended on his children – having taken over 5 years
to do this one. CD’s were snapped up along with copies of the children’s Book
written and published by Kerrigan, “Caro The Talking Carrot”.

The audience was from different nationalities and well balanced. Naturally so was
the food with ‘lamprais’ making a mouth-watering appearance at some tables.
The dance floor was always crowded with lots of Line Dancing, Rocking ‘N’ Rolling,
Waltzing, Two Stepping, Cha Chaing and Shaking & A Grooving.

Kerrigan’s repertoire included Buck Owens, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Hank Locklin’,
Gene Watson, George Strait, George Jones, The Mavericks, Bellamy Brothers,
Everly Brothers, Brooks & Dunn, Dwight Yoakam, Conway Twitty, Tom Jones, Jim Reeves,
Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, Billy Ray Cyrus, Foster & Allen, Ricky Nelson,
Chuck Berry, Alan Jackson, Charlie Pride, Garth Brooks, Dean Martin,
and by popular request some of Kerrigan’s own material which has won him numerous Awards
and topped the charts both in Australia, Sri Lanka and other countries,
including the Worldwide Mainstream Charts for a staggering 10 consecutive weeks.

Kerrigan received encore after encore, the audience not satisfied with just one,
and he was quick to oblige - thanking them for asking and joking that he'd hoped they would.
Kerrigan thought he was finishing up the night with a Clay Walker hit containing a
strong moral message which he’s chosen to live by, titled “Live Laugh Love”, but
given the demand for another song he performed the Alan Jackson hit "Chattahoochee".


Fione Muller Perera
The talent that you got is amazing...your stage personality rocks....
know what Kerrigan...some people will post clips on other musicians and
expect the world to follow me your a born gift of talent from above...
that's our opinion and man you rock..I love your voice and your stage moves...
may God just keep blessing you in the future...hopefully when I organize a show
I may be able to afford to get u do a gig for me, you have amazing
stage rain can beat u ;)

Sugar Lushan Eranga
Man, I was so happy at ur concert and me and my partner Ang
enjoyed our selves to the max, you are a complete answer for a
real entertainer and your performancers were superb, and no question
about it, as it was my first time to see u on stage I had questions
about how you would performe and entertained the crowed, man you answered
all my questions in prime form. Man waiting for your future concerts.

June Marinkovich
I always love reading about the La-Brooy Bunch, (they are way more talented
and exciting than the Brady Bunch anyday). There never seems to be a dull moment
in your household, I think you should have a reality television show like
the Kardashians cos your lovely family are so much more entertaining.
Cuter too. I'd watch your show everyday for sure.

Elmo. Todd
Wow, Kerrigan what a show. Happy I was able to make it. Enjoyed it no end.
Sonia and I danced to your music. Must congratulate you and the kids on a
most professional performance. Regards Sonia Elmo. Todd

(From Hawaii, USA)
Alli Nakae Ageno Awesome video...I guess I have to settle with the video posted.
Lol. Ur kids look so adorable and natural on stage.



Kerrigan La-Brooy continues his reign at the Top of the Hit Parade
for an unbelievable SIXTH consecutive week at the #1 Spot....

Presenter Harold Fernando does a fantastic job counting down the top
tunes weekly based on popular votes and for the sixth week Kerrigan
holds the #1 spot.

This is an amazing achievement for Kerrigan who has dedicated his life
to his wife and 3 young children. The vibrant singer/songwriter has put
his career on hold to concentrate on his family but this hasn't stopped
his popularity. Kerrigan hopes to get back to recording and touring in
the near future but is adamant he'll never leave his family behind as they
are his #1 priority.



Kerrigan La-Brooy remains at the Top of the Hit Parade for an amazing
FIVE weeks at the #1 Spot....

Presenter Harold Fernando continues to do a fantastic job each week
as he counts down the most popular songs on the Sri Lankan Original Hit

Kerrigan feels honoured to hold the #1 position for 5 weeks running.
That's more than a month. What an outstanding feat for such an amazing
and timeless performer. He is grateful to everyone for their continued
support over the years.

JULY 25TH 2010


Kerrigan La-Brooy remains at the Top of the Hit Parade for an amazing
four weeks at the #1 Spot....

Presenter Harold Fernando continues to do a fantastic job each week
as he counts down the most popular songs on the Sri Lankan Original Hit

Kerrigan feels honoured to hold the #1 position for 4 weeks running.
What an outstanding feat for such an amazing performer. He is grateful
to everyone for their continued support over the years.

JULY 18TH 2010


Kerrigan La-Brooy remains at #1 on the Sri Lankan Original Hit Parade.
This is the talented singer/songwriter's 3rd consecutive week at the top
having spent 2 weeks at #2. The title of the song is "Youth Of Today".

Presenter Harold Fernando does a fantastic job each week as he counts down
the most popular songs.

Kerrigan feels honoured to hold the #1 position with a song he wrote over
25 years ago. The amazing truth is that his lyrics ring true even today and
they are as appropriate in this day and age as they were back then. It just
proves that Kerrigan is a timeless singer/songwriter and entertainer!

JULY 11TH 2010


Kerrigan La-Brooy remains at #1 on the Sri Lankan Original Hit Parade.
This is the talented singer/songwriter's 2nd consecutive week at the top
having spent 2 weeks at #2. The title of the song is "Youth Of Today".

JULY 4TH 2010

Kerrigan La-Brooy has risen to #1 on the Sri Lankan Original Hit Parade.
The talented singer/songwriter has topped the charts after spending
2 weeks at #2. The title of the song is "Youth Of Today".

As America celebrates Independence Day, Kerrigan has his own
reasons to celebrate.

Announcer Harold Fernando remarked on Live Radio as to whether Kerrigan
would fall off his chair when he heard the news. Kerrigan was elated to know
that a song he'd written over 25 years ago could still prove so popular.

The song was listened to live around the world and messages and phone calls
came flooding in despite it being almost midnight in Australia.

Kerrigan's Mum Jeune who was holidaying in Sri Lanka at the time was the
first to ring in. His wife Michelle was fast asleep but predicted her husbands
#1 success before going to bed and asked that she be woken, but Kerrigan didn't
want to disturb her so he recorded it for her instead.

The tune is catchy and infectious. The lyrics are as relevant today as they were
when Kerrigan first released it, proving the versatility of this incredible
singer/songwriter. Kerrigan's passion for music continues despite his priorities
focussing on his young family - his 3 children 2 years and under.

Kerrigan's sons Kerrigan Jr. & Heathcliff are 2 and 1 respectively and his daughter
Tempest is just 3 months. Weldone Kerrigan!

JUNE 22ND 2010

Kerrigan La-Brooy has just been informed that he is #2 on the
Sri Lankan Hit Parade - A chart compiled and presented by Harold
Fernando. The Hit Parade is a line-up of Original songs and Kerrigan
hadn't the foggiest idea that the hit he penned years ago has made
a come-back.

The title of the song is "Youth Of Today".
Fingers crossed it'll get to #1.


Kerrigan La-Brooy has been asked to judge Berwick Idol again
for 2010. The grand final will be held on Saturday the 27th of
February at the Annual Berwick Show. Needless to say Kerrigan
will be taking Michelle and the two boys along.

JUNE 15TH 2009

Kerrigan La-Brooy had to cancel his scheduled appearance at the
Corowa Country Music Festival due to the health of his eldest son.

At 9PM on the Eve of his scheduled departure to NSW, Kerrigan rushed
his son Kerrigan Jr. to the hospital and in the interest of his
little boys well-being, doting Dad Kerrigan made the difficult decision
of calling off his performances.

Wife Michelle was equally disappointed, in fact more so, as she had been
eagerly looking forward to seeing her husband on stage again and had planned
to video all his shows.

Aunty Aprille who had to continue her trip with partner Chris, said it
was not the same without Kerrigan there, but heartily agrees that her nephew
made the right decision, painful as it was. Cousin Karen rang from Canada
extremely concerned as was everyone else who kept ringing Kerrigan's home for

Kerrigan took extreme measures to keep Heathcliff and Kerrigan Jr. apart as the
sickness is very contageous to little kids. The devoted Father was careful when
feeding both children to wear different shirts so there was no infection even on
his clothes. Michelle was amazed at how he kept track.

Tears were shed by the couple at having to shelve their plans at literally the last
minute, but as Kerrigan has always maintained, his family comes FIRST!!! Michelle
never once questioned her husbands decision and Kerrigan realises just how big a
sacrifice it was for her as well, and is determind to make it up to her someday.

Kerrigan Jr. is well on his way to complete recovery, which would not have been the
case had Kerrigan continued with his scheduled appearances. Despite his sore throat,
and other painful symptons the child never ceases to smile when in his Dads company.
Michelle says that Kerrigan is the only medicine their child needs.

At night Kerrigan stayed awake, constantly checking up on his son, careful not to disturb
Michelle or little Heathcliff. Kerrigan Jr. was only content in his Dads loving arms.
However he wasn't satisfied with his Dad simply sitting down with him, albeit at 2am in the
morning - oh no - he wanted his Dad to stand up, perhaps thinking this way they had a
longer time together.

It's been discovered that the child contracted the desease from the flower-girl at
the recent wedding the family attended - the little girl had run up to Kerrigan Jr.
and kissed him smack on his lips, much to his delight. This in fact resulted in the child
developing a sudden temperature of over 39 degrees within hours which prompted Kerrigan
to leave the Reception early.

Despite everything Kerrigan and Michelle are glad their little boy is almost completely
well again.

May 19th 2009

Kerrigan is preparing for his Festival Appearance at
Corowa Nsw scheduled for June 2009. As always he wouldn't take on
any gig that did not involve his precious family - so needless to say
he'll be taking them with him.

The weekend getaway will be interesting as it will be the first time
both children have been away from their home environment overnight.
Aunty Aprille will be making the trip to watch Kerrigan's performance.

MARCH 8TH 2009

Kerrigan was a hit at his friends Birthday Bash in Beaconsfield last night.
He received two encores. Kerrigan Jr. was on the dance floor most
of the night with Dad Kerrigan, while Mum Michelle recorded it all.
And when Kerrigan was singing, the child fought sleep,
keeping his eyes open until his Dad had sung his last song
before finally going to sleep where Kerrigan had safely tucked him in.

MARCH 7TH 2009

Kerrigan was Featured in the Berwick Journal and
the Pakenham Journal regarding the promotion of his first
children's book, "Caro The Talking Carrot" and also his
latest musical activities.

He was keen for his family to appear with him during his
Press Interview & Photo Shoot and just as he had hoped,
Kerrigan Jr. stole the show. The child's winning smile
captured everyone's heart.

Kerrigan sang his latest song for the first time in public
at the 1st Birthday Party of his Son Kerrigan Jr; a haunting
lullaby, titled "Rockabye" which he wrote late last year.

Judging the Berwick Idol was fantastic - the talent was
awesome. Kerrigan's performance leading up to the Idol
competition was well received although Kerrigan Jr. felt a
little cheated; not being able to share the stage with his
Dadda as he often does during Rehearsals. The look on his face
said, "Something's just not right here", in no uncertain terms.

Kerrigan and his ABBA connection is about to be revived as well.
He was just invited to do a special ABBA tribute at his
appearance in Corowa in June this year. He's been asked to play
Bjorn and lead the group in two songs, 'Fernando', playing his
guitar by the fireside, and then bop along to 'Waterloo.'

"It should be a hoot", Kerrigan smiles.
Michelle gets very excited whenever her husband hits the stage.
As does Kerrigan Jr. By June however there will be a new addition
to the family.

Kerirgan's Mum Jeune will be celebrating her 70th Birthday around
that time and may join the Family on their trip to Corowa.

Kerrigan will be performing for a special friend on March 7th in
Beaconsfield, Victoria. Unless Baby #2 decides to make an appearance.


Kerrigan will be involved in a special Concert to help the
Bushfire Victims of Victoria and also the Fire Fighters. Details
are still underway with City of Casey councillor, Wayne Smith.

Meanwhile his Berwick Show appearance is drawing near along with
the Berwick Idol competition.
Kerrigan will be doing a special duet with Casey Idol winner
Naomi Horsley, who was among the contestants when Kerrigan
judged the Casey Idol contest 2 years ago. Naomi has a little
boy of her own, 3 months younger than Kerrigan Jr. and the duo
are toying with the idea of bringing their sons on stage for the song -
a beautiful number titled "Rocking Years" originally
performed by Dolly Parton and Ricky Van Shelton.


Kerrigan La-Brooy has appearances lined up as far ahead as November
2009. Two bookings are in NSW. He will also be appearing at
the Berwick show in February and has also been invited to Judge the
Bewrwick Idol competition , with unconfirmed reports that he will
be performing live on Australia Day in January.


Kerrigan's next public appearance is in support of an up
an coming artist by the name of Jessica Bruce, also known as JJ.

Kerrigan will hit the stage on November 14th at the Cranbourne
Community Theatre in Cranbourne Victoria. For tickets and more
information contact the Kerrigan La-Brooy Fanclub Asap.

The event is a fund-raiser for Jessica to enroll at the Tamworth
Country Music College. Long-time fans may remember that Kerrigan
himself was invited to enroll at this college but passed up the
opportunity for 2 reasons....
Firstly he couldn't afford the fees at the time and secondly he had
already accomplished what the College had to offer - An Album and
Single Release, Media Coverage, Exposure, Tips on how to write songs
etc - with Kerrigan having already written a string of successful hits,
been on tour and reached #1 on the Worldwide Most Played Artists Charts.

This is a great opportunity to watch Kerrigan in action, particularly
those who were disappointed at the cancellation of his Nov 1st Concert due
to his adorable son, Kerrigan Jr.

Other talent appearing on the night will include Naomi Horsely
who Kerrigan adjudged as Winner of the Casey Idol Competition.

AUGUST 10TH 2008

Kerrigan La-Brooy was asked to perform by Popular Demand at the
Australian/Sri Lankan Burgher Association Luncheon on August 10th.
Despite being there with his Family for some Sunday Afternoon
Relaxation after church, being the awesome Entertainer that he is,
he did not disappoint.

Kerrigan was meant to perform just one song but the cheering crowd
weren't done yet. Even when he left the stage 3 songs later the
applause continued and the crowd wanted more.

His gorgeous wife Michelle and Precious son Kerrigan Jr. were with him
along with Mum Jeune and Aunty Aprille.


Kerrigan La-Brooy, wife Michelle and Son Kerrigan Jr. have been
keeping busy, involved in local Mayoral Events, including Dinners,
Dances etc with the Mayor and local councilors.

Kerrigan has just returned from New South Wales where he was met by
friends and fans who are eagerly anticipating his next performance
interstate next year.

However he appeared tonight, August 4th, as ELVIS at the "Winter
Arts Festival". The dazzling line-up included Mayor Janet Halsall,
Councilor Wayne Smith and many more.
Michelle was amazed at how Kerirgan Jr. picked out his Dad
no sooner he hit the stage, incognito and all.
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During a break in the performance the cast made their way to
various members of the audience. No prizes for guessing where
Kerrigan headed. He made a bee-line directly to his beaming wife
and star-struck son.

On the night Kerrigan Jr. was actually interviewed on the microphone
and the star-in-the-making captured the attention of everyone. Clinging
to his Dad he responded at exactly the right moment to all three questions.
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JUNE 14TH 2008

Kerrigan La-Brooy appeared at the Dandenong RSL on June 14th 2008
and was ecstatic to have his Beautiful Wife Michelle present and
his precious Bundle of Joy Kerrigan Jr.

It was his son's 1st experience of his Dad's public performance
and the child was right up front of the stage. The doting Dad timed
his musical break so he could feed his son by 9 o'clock.
"Nothing and No one will stand in the way of my childs best
interests," Kerrigan emphatically states, enjoying every moment
of it.

During a rendition of "Achy Breaky Heart" Kerrigan held the microphone
to his sons mouth during audience participation and the child
did NOT disappoint, to the amusement of everyone present.



Kerrigan, together with his beautiful wife Michelle
as well as their unborn baby, wishes everyone a Merry
Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous 2008.

Kerrigan thanks all of you for your continued help and
support and absolute dedication during 2007.

Kerrigan & Michelle will be spending a quiet Christmas
with Family & close friends, celebrating their very First
Christmas together - and also their First as Husband & Wife.

Needless to say they're extremely excited about the
approaching birth of their first baby.

It's no secret that Christmas is Kerrigan's favourite time
of the year and having Michelle by his side this year is
truly a priceless gift. He is strongly attempting to put
aside his personal trauma of recent times, determined not
to let anything or anyone impair their happiness - however it
it easier said than done. But with strong Faith and the love
and support of Family & Friends, the couple are thrilled to
be together.

God Bless you as you enjoy with your own Family & Friends.
Travel safely, Take care and be Happy....and remember to
Spread The Love....

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It's that time of year once again when Kerrigan co-hosts
Carols by Candlelight in the City of Casey with close
friend Charmaine Sime.

The date is Friday December 14th and the event is looked
forward to with much anticipation by the Church and the
local community.

Each year the Carols has improved, both in quality as well
as the crowd, and this year promises to be no exception.
A tremendous amount of prayer and dedication goes into each
production and the Pastors and members of Kerrigan's local
Church, the Hampton Park Assembly of God, have lifted the
banner even higher for 2007. Support from local businesses
as well as the local Council has been outstanding.

Attendance is totally FREE, with heaps of fun and entertainment
designed for everyone, including a puppet show, the arrival of
Santa and approximately Two thousand Gift Bags for children and
adults. Of course there will be a couple of special performances
by Kerrigan, weather permitting, and even a duet with co-host
Charmaine, who was also chief Bridesmaid at the recent Wedding of
Kerrigan & Michelle.
There will also be performances by Daughters of Barry Crocker
as well as Naomi Horsley, Casey Idol 2007, which Kerrigan judged.

As Kerrigan openly admits, Christmas is his favourite time of the
year and the dad-to-be gets quite sentimental throughout the
festive cheer, and unashamedly so.

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MARCH 20TH 2007

Kerrigan will next be appearing "live" in Shepparton, Victoria
in July this year and will also be involved in Casey Idol, an
annual event in his local city of Casey, one of the largest
growing Shires in Australia.

And while his novel is temporarily shevled (any wonder), he has
just signed with an American publisher for his Children's picture
book and is currently working with an Illustrator from Canada.
Hopefully the book should hit shelves around the world by
August 2007.
For more information visit 'Kerrigan The Author' Site.

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Kerrigan returned to Kaitaia New Zealand for a very special
occasion which is kept under wraps. Friends close to the
entertainer are convinced that 'love is in the air.' But so
far it's just speculation.

Kerrigan's visit was a flying one - literally. What's stirring
the pot is questions as to what could possibly be fascinating
him so much that he'd endure another 'flight' in barely over
a month.

Whatever the secret is we're hoping it will be divluged soon

Kerrigan had to fly Damon back to Sydney for the few days
he returned to New Zealand and the child reportedly hated being
apart from his 'Dad' Kerrigan and longed to be back with him again.
Kerrigan missed the kid too and they were happy to be reunited on
Kerrigan's return, with Damon flying in about an hour after Kerrigan
landed, and having been flown back to Sydney a few hours before
Kerrigan left for New Zealand, thanks to strategic planning.

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Kerrigan's recent concert in Kaitaia New Zealand was a great
success and everyone had an awesome weekend!!

He loves the New Zealander's and the feeling is mutual 'cos they
love him - perfect ingredients towards a recipe for success.

While in New Zealand Kerrigan was Guest of Honour at a special
function for a beautiful couple Pam and Keith. The celebration was
inspiring and Kerrigan regards the couple as family.

Plans for a return appearance in New Zealand are already underway.

Kerrigan has just found out that he is a FINALIST in the MALE
VOCALIST category of the Victorian Country Music Awards with
his single HOLDING ON.

Kerrigan flies to Queensland and Sydney and back before the end of
January. "I dread flying but while I'm at it I might as well keep
going," he laughs.

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The Casey Carols - an annual event in the town of Hampton Park
was a great success. It was open air as usual. Kerrigan and close
friend Charmaine Sime were MC's for the evening and Kerrigan
also performed. He said at the time,

"I look forward to this because I love Christmas and I feel it's a
small way of giving back to the community and also to God - and
celebrating the birth of Jesus is very special to me."

The Casey Carols were held on December 15th from 7PM.

Kerrigan cancelled his special guest appearance for a half hour
Rock 'N' Roll/Country Rock bracket on December 30th at a
Pre-New Years Eve function because he had family committments.

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AUGUST 15TH 2006

Kerrigan has just released his latest single on the NFS label. The song
is included on his 3-track CD
produced by Garth Porter, member of Sherbet.

The title track has already done Kerrigan proud, seeing the vibrant entertainer conclude a very lucrative World Tour, visiting 19 countries.

All 3 songs are written by Kerrigan. The 3rd track is an acoustic gospel rendition,
(Jesus Is Waiting For Me).

Kerrigan wrote this song for a friend who died and it was ironically played a couple of years later when Kerrigan's own dad passed away.

"Holding On" is a much anticipated release from Kerrigan with plans
for a new album and a follow-up single on the cards.
"In many ways I consider this a 'bridging single'," says Kerrigan.

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In July 2006 Kerrigan was nominated in a World-wide Poll
to find the Most Popular Personality on a U.S.based Moosak site,
which showed American Executives what fans really wanted.

Amid fierce competition Kerrigan beat fellow contestants,
among them American Idol finalists and the likes of Bon Jovi and
Kylie Minogue, to claim the #4 spot with 2006 American Idol
Taylor Hicks finishing 2 places behind Kerrigan.

Our dynamic performer was the only Australian in the Top Ten.

Kerrigan has just finished writing a Children's book and is scouting
around for an Illustrator. In fact it's more than a book,
it's a whole series.

And as though that's not enough, Kerrigan is also heavily involved
in writing a Novel - something with the potential to become a Television Series.

"What's it about?" one may ask.
Kerrigan's answer is, "Everything!
It has Murder, Mystery, Suspense, Love, Sex, Twists, the works!!!"

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