Kerrigan & Michelle Wedding:
Kerrigan & Michelle Wedding:

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Read the details of the 'Engagement' below .... Then for
more pics of the Happy Couple as well as The Diamond Ring
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Kerrigan and Michelle are now officially ENGAGED.
The couple finally quelled rumours on May 16th 2007 at
approximately 12.16PM in a Fairytale like Romantic and
Private setting.

The day started off when the couple stood arm-in-arm on the
Banks of the Yarra River, at Southbank opposite the Crown
Casino, with Kerrigan keeping a watchful eye on a nearby
set of Traffic lights.
Shortly the couple sighted a Horse drawn Carriage.
As it drew nearer Michelle casually raised the idea of
riding in one of them. She was taken by surprise when the
carriage came to a stop beside them and the driver
acknowledged Kerrigan who had pre-arranged the entire
experience unbeknown to an unsuspecting Michelle.

What followed was a leisurely ride in the old-fashioned
Carriage drawn by two white horses trotting through the
streets of Melbourne, later taking in the scenic views
of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

When they disembarked from the carriage the couple took
a relaxed stroll along the banks of the Yarra River,
stopping for a rest on a Floating Pontoon, enjoying the sun
and appreciating the perfect weather.
Shortly a Gondola glided up beside them for the next part
of the plan. Michelle soon realised this was another surprise
when the gondolier and Kerrigan exchanged greetings.

The delighted couple got onboard where champagne, chocolates
and a beautiful bouquet of red roses awaited Michelle.
The gondolier was given a CD Kerrigan had specially recorded
the previous night, telling Michelle it was for a cousin they
were supposedly meeting in the city on this day.

Once the first song started to play
“My Kind Of Woman, My Kind Of Man”,
and the gondola glided under a bridge, Kerrigan got on one
knee and proposed, asking Michelle to be his wife.

Michelle barely noticed the white, satin-lined box with the
gold diamond ring glistening within, but she was well aware
of the significance of the moment and amid tears of joy she
said yes....and yes, yes, yes.
As the rest of their personal favourite songs continued to play
the newly engaged couple revelled in the magic of the moment,
lost in each others arms and oblivious to the rest of the world,
with the hood of the gondola pulled up, offering ample privacy,
feeding each other chocolates and sharing sips of champagne.

Kerrigan had spoken to Michelle’s Mum the previous day ,
traditionally revealing his intentions and asking whether she
had any objections. She in turn welcomed the prospect of
having him for a son-in-law.
Others in the know were Kerrigan’s Mum Jeune, his sister Dee,
nephew (and son-like) Damon, Michelle’s sister Sue and a handful
of Kerrigan’s closest and dearest friends from the private website
they share, including Alli from Hawaii, Noala Grey, Jenny Black,
Allan Harris, Michael Gallagher, Oz, Claire and Joni.

The couple finished up their special occasion trying their hand
at the Casino but as Michelle quite correctly pointed out,
they had just experienced all the luck they were going to have in
one day.

No date has been set at this stage for the highly anticipated
wedding but friends and family are understandably excited...but
no one as much as the happy couple.

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